Friday, February 24, 2017

This Week...

This Week... Lent begins next week--next Wednesday! So this week I took time to begin preparations for Lent. I sat down one morning with my Saints Calendar & Daily Planner and menu calendar. Making notes for Lenten menus & lists for Lenten food shopping and other things. Ideas for Lent activities. And drafting my big spring clean plan that I'll be doing during the weeks of Lent.

In the Roman Catholic Church-- a great Feast Day this week, on Wednesday--Feast of the Chair of St. Peter.

At Home-- SUNSHINE... so much lovely sunshine this week, and warmer! The light has been playing in amazing ways throughout the house too!

Out & About-- I was at a shop that sells art supplies, among other things. Just seeing all the colorful tubes, bottles, cans, sticks, pencils and more excited my creative heart!

On the Menu-- On the Sunday tea tray there was Raspberry Almond Buttermilk Scones. Like a taste of summer in winter! The. BEST. scones I've ever made. I used frozen berries though, which is easier than using fresh. And a secret to making light and flaky scones--FROZEN butter. Freeze the butter, and grate it, then crumble it quickly into dry ingredients. I have put aside some of the raspberry scones for Shrove Tuesday next week! Otherwise, on the table this week, it has been freezer finds--working on eating up the freezer, making room for Lent basics and Easter goodies!

Reading-- a little springtime dreaming in the form of seed catalogues for flowers & vegetables... a favorite is Chiltern Seeds from the UK.

almost daily I listen online to Sacred Heart Radio... I'm VERY thankful for technology that makes it possible for me to tune in to Catholic radio from back home in America!

The Rolling Stones--Ole Ole Ole: A Trip Across Latin America, a documentary film of the Stones' 2016 tour, last stop being their historic concert in Havana, Cuba.

Creating-- I came home from that shop, mentioned above, with sets of two different sized pre-stretched canvas. I'm adding creativity to my Lent focus this year. 6 canvases--one each for the weeks of Lent. I'm gathering my painting supplies... and some ideas are brewing...

Inspiration-- A wonderful outline of how to prepare for and celebrate the season of Lent. This week I began preparing our home for the weeks ahead. This weekend--time with a prayer book to begin preparing my heart...

LUNA-- Our sweet girl... She looks a bit from that children's story, The Princess and the Pea, snuggled up with all the folded blankets and quilts on the bed.

How was your week? Wishing you all a LOVE-ly weekend ahead! :)))

Monday, February 20, 2017

More JOY

The other day I was editing photos, and going through my archive of photos as well, and found this fun JOY-full photo that I took during our trip to Vienna, Austria ... waaay back in spring of 2012!!  I don't recall where this was taken, but I think this neon sign was in the window of some shop, restaurant, or other. I'd like one for here at our home!  ;)  I think I might need to add a joy chart to my new year journalling... It's been a good time for joy lately!

Sooo... just sharing a bit of JOY to carry on the theme here... :))) How is your joy chart looking these days?!

Friday, February 17, 2017

This Week...

This Week... There were Valentine roses... and lots of LOVE-ly this & that!

In the Roman Catholic Church-- A LOT of Saints celebrated this week! St. Catherine de Ricci who experienced miraculous visions and corporeal encounters with Jesus, St. Valentine, of course... Sts. Cyril & Methodius, St. Claude de la Colombiere, among others. And today the Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Servites.

At Home-- I ordered two VERY sweet paper heart garlands from LaMiaCasa on Etsy...and they arrived just in time to hang up for Valentines's Day! And there were love-ly cards and chocolates shared here this week...

Out & About-- while on a walk along our high street/main street, I spied these interesting posters for a photo exhibit on Valentine's Day. No, we didn't go. I wasn't sure about the image of what looked like caramel being poured over a head... :/ 

On the Menu-- must admit I've been in the kitchen less the last few days, as we've had take-away treats this Valentine's week, including sushi and pizza!

Reading-- Still digging into my February reading...

Listening-- I very much enjoy the articles and podcasts found at On Being, which explores the BIG questions of being human. 

Watching-- The funny Hairy Bikers cooking their Comfort Food!

Creating-- On the needles... YES, I'm knitting! After a looong time away from sticks and string, it feels good the I've not forgotten how to knit! For my Good Morning Cowl I've cast on with beautiful sock yarn in this variegated aqua blue color way, and knitting an easy lacework pattern. Details on my Ravelry Projects Page. I needed a break from the rather complicated Joyful Shawl project... *sigh* ...

Inspiration-- These days I feel like I'm recovering something of my creative heart. Last year my heart was heavily engaged in emotional and personal matters, so much so that creativity was often put aside. So in a lot of ways this year feels like a recovery year. I found this podpcast by Jamie Ridler Studios VERY uplifting! I like listening to podcasts, and I have several favorites I tune into regularly... while I'm working on a fiber project... or having morning tea, etc.

LUNA-- a blanket folded up on a window sill makes a perfect window seat/nap spot for our fur-angel... The "bald" spot on her side from her spaying/sterilisation procedure is slowly growing back.

How was your week? Wishing you all a LOVE-ly weekend ahead!  :)))

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy LOVE Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day! I LOVE each of you--truly, I do! Many of you I've known for some years now, which is a great gift! You've seen me through "thick and thin"... thank you... thank you... :)

The LOVE doodle is one I tinkered with using a new set of water soluble wax pastels. They created a lovely, soft watercolor-like background on my watercolor paper, and were enjoyable using them in both wet and dry applications. I also added some metallic oil pastels for some shimmer. The camera is not picking up on the pretty shimmer, though...

At the end of the week I'll share a few more love-ly moments...

Monday, February 13, 2017

Winter Window...

The softness of winter light... and pure beauty... *sigh* ...